Why Use HSW?

Our Global Reach

Embraced by the Australian media, and featured on the Today Show in July, 2014, Home Sitters Worldwide is like no other company in its field.  No matter where you are in the world, Home Sitters Worldwide has reliable sitters who will treat your home and your pets with every care, as if everything is their very own.  You can leave home and take that break, or holiday, knowing that everything will be fine whilst you’re gone.  Choose where you go to, as a Home Sitter, or take the opportunity to select your advocates, as a Home Owner.  At HSW we're passionate about making sure that we connect you with the right people to help you get things started.  Contact us TODAY!

Pets and Farm Animals

Home Sitters Worldwide specialises in taking the best care of your farm animals and pets - just as you do.  The daily routines that they trust in will be kept ‘right on going’ in your absence.  Okay your little treasures will miss you, but your HSW Home Sitter will give them whatever they need.  They’ll ensure that your dog has its daily walk, vet visits will never be missed, their medication will be given on schedule, and your pets’ diets will be dutifully taken care of.  All you have to do is write a detailed list of all things “to do”.  Your careful and extensive instructions will ensure that your animals have no disruption to their daily routine whilst you’re away, and they’ll get the special care and attention that they rely on - including cuddles!

Peace of Mind

When your pets need the interaction and comfort, safety and security of somebody staying with them, in their own environment, look no further than Home Sitters Worldwide.  We have your solution to the seamless care of your home and animals when you’re not there, for a designated period of time.  Whether you’re away on holidays or business, at a local or international location, there’ll be no disruption and stress for your animals because you’ve had to leave your home.   A HSW Sitter will move in and pick up where you left off, until your return.  Can you afford to rely on family, friends, and/or neighbours to “look in on things”? Get the next best thing to staying home - have a HSW Sitter take your place. It’s that simple!

You’ll be Carefree

Home Sitters Worldwide is your answer to a carefree time away.  You provide the accommodation and our HSW Home Sitters will pay for their own travel (flights).  Their travel arrangement transfers to your property, however, should be discussed before you begin.  Do consider allowing for your contribution to your sitter’s local travel costs, especially if your pets need to be transported anywhere whilst you’re away.  You may consider making a car or vehicle available to your sitter, or providing for remuneration for petrol if the sitter uses their own vehicle, to care for your pets (or children) on your behalf.

Special Arrangements

Special arrangements and fair remuneration have to be agreed upon, in advance, for HSW Home and Pet Sitters looking after your business, shop, farm, children, or bed and breakfast.  You’ll need to list all your requirements upfront - such as if you’d prefer a couple to look after your property, whether there is a vehicle available for their use, the distance to shops, veterinary clinic, and other necessary facilities, etc.. Be specific and you’ll ensure that your search for the ‘right’ Home Sitter is much easier, and you’ll feel secure knowing that there’ll be no issues.
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